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Media relations

Media relations

We appreciate that sales promotion is based on the image making of a “safe and effective” product not only for the Medical field, but for Pharmacists and the Public.

Being present since 1978 in conferences we have created a wide communication network with the Media, ensuring the effective and qualitative promotion of a product or an event.

The presentation of a product can be based on two shafts: direct and indirect. During the first occasion we achieve the promotion of the product itself and in the second one we achieve promotion through other, related actions.

As we all know most of the negative publications occur from international news agencies that refer to drug side effects, withdrawals, comparative studies, directed placement or rumours.

The way we work regards in the covering of all Media, printed and electronic journalism.

The range of promotional activities covers the entire country. Especially:

In Athens

  • Advertisements – Publications in daily press
  • Editorials in weekly publications or Sunday Press
  • Editorials in Magazines (weekly, specialized magazines)
  • Reportage in nation wide TV News
  • Reportage in nation wide Radio News
  • Special telecasts or radio casts
  • Organizing Press Conference


  • Editorials in local daily or weekly press
  • Reportage in local TV broadcasts
  • Reportage in local Radio broadcasts


Offered Services:

  • Co-ordination, organizing and journalist team dispatch for the event coverage
  • Hotel escort / air tickets issuance
  • Hotel escort / air tickets issuance
  • Organization of Press Conference
  • Audiovisual editing
  • Press release creation and material processing
  • Domestic Media releases
  • Indexing:
    From daily TV news
    From daily Radio news
    From daily and weekly Press