Religious Tourism

The Religious tourism is one of the oldest concepts exist. This kind of tourism is a key element in Orthodoxy both in Greece and in Orthodox countries, as a kind of spiritual quest and travel in order to discover new spiritual and enlightened paths. Via religion people come together as they share common experiences and beliefs. This “phenomenon” is recommended by a number of parameters of great interest, as it combines cultural, political and architectural elements.

Greece is among the most famous religious tourism destinations in the world. Every church, monastery, temple or monument is a masterpiece itself. At this point we should mention that in Greece each visitor shares a rather magical experience as he has the opportunity to come across with temples or monuments of different religions throughout the country, combined with the unique natural beauty of its landscapes and particular points that are dominating by these religious monuments.

The celebration of the Saints and other major holidays of orthodoxy, are a unique spectacle for those who will have the chance to attend as “witnesses” in traditions which vary by regions and kept in Greece over the centuries from generation to generation. The epitome of religious events in Greece is the Easter during the spring (Corfu, Patmos etc.) and the Assumption on August 15 which is characterized by excessive crowd where travelers flock from all over the country to experience every local celebration. We could not of course omit the prominent religious centers in Greece which constitute the teaching path of the Apostle Paul, as the Mount Athos, the majestic monasteries on the tops of Meteora, the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the unique Cave of the Apocalypse in Patmos.

Art and religion are gaining the respect, admiration and great interest of travelers while many are those who are interested in the Byzantine and post-Byzantine art, as in our country we find numerous museums that have similar collections of exhibits (Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki, Ioannina etc. .).

Search out for his unique experience, traveling among the unparalleled beauty of Greece exploring these unique places, on a journey where the soul meets body, mind and elevating the spirit and hope high and beyond the skies!


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